I'm a web developer located in the District of North Vancouver, BC. I've been building websites and web platforms since 2006, and have experience with a wide variety of technologies, frameworks, workflows, and solutions. This allows me to bring a diverse toolkit with me when discussing the various goals and challenges that you may be facing. We can work together to find appropriate and efficient tools to help us build a platform that addresses your needs, making it easy to maintain and grow, and allowing for easy ongoing support and upgrades in the future.

Some of the ways I may be able to help you and your business include:

  • Developing designs with a user experience focus
  • Building sites on top of popular open-source frameworks (content management systems like Drupal, blog systems like WordPress, e-commerce systems like Magento)
  • Crafting custom code and reports to address your unique development needs
  • Integrating with various third-party platforms and services
  • Establishing version control policies and software development workflow patterns
  • Leveraging automated tools to maintain strict monitoring, quality assurance, and deployment procedures
  • Setting up and managing web hosting solutions, ranging from small shared hosting plans, to fully customized, load balanced, server farms

Please feel free to browse this website for examples of some of the variety and diversity of projects I've been working on lately, and please get in touch either using the form below, or directly via e-mail ([email protected]) and we can discuss ways to develop or grow your internet marketing presence.

Recent Projects