Shore Play Tours

North Shore locals Mark Wood and Wade Simmons have been putting together world-class rides on the North Shore mountains for years. Now, you can join them. They created Shore Play Tours to help introduce riders from around the world to the legendary trail systems and itineraries of the North Shore.

It was important that people be able to find all the information they needed about upcoming rides, as well as register and pay, easily on the website. There are various way of finding and filtering the array of trips and rides offered by Shore Play, including a dynamically generated calendar view that shows all rides. We created a Drupal 7 based website, with directly integrated e-commerce features. That created a seamless and deeply integrated registration and checkout flow. We also integrated the third-party MailChimp e-mail newsletter service, making it simple for anyone to sign up to receive news about upcoming rides and events.

On the administrative side, we created several custom reports so Mark and Wade can easily print lists of everyone registered for each ride, and get all the relevant information about participants.